Call it the big picture, vision, forethought or strategic planning, the ability to match the right opportunity with the right talent, demands exceptional capabilities. Fortunately at Avenues Consultancy Services, the team is quite naturally endowed with a keen sense of discernment, matched by very few in the industry.

We’re always on the lookout for new directions to redefine boundaries of possibilities. Perceptive of the upshots of the solutions we recommend, we strategically chart the direction for our clients, empowering them to rise above the challenges of changing market dynamics and competition.

Whether you’re an individual testing new waters and weighing possibilities or a global conglomerate devising plans to take its business to the next level with the next-generation of leaders, Avenues Consultancy Services can help you turn your vision to reality in the shortest possible time. Our intrinsically needs-instigated solutions are devised based on panoramic perspective of markets, trends, competition, current scenario and possibilities, which thereby makes sure that your future course is unarguably the right direction for you, whichever way you look at it.




  • Needs Analysis
  • Identification
  • Presentation
  • Negotiation
  • Follow-Up


Corporate Director, A leading soft drink brand
“Avenues Consultancy Services has effectively matched all our strategic staffing goals in the last few years we’ve worked with them. Their bespoke solutions have been a perfect for us”

Chief Development Architect, An engineering conglomerate
“Avenues Consultancy Services never fails to meet are incessant need for engineering staff with the right skills and experience. Their professional and innovative approach is not just cost effective but also invaluable in maintaining our competitive edge.”

Admin. Manager, India’s premium watches company
“Bespoke and flexible workforce solutions that has met all our resourcing and process optimisation needs. Avenues Consultancy Services is very perceptive.”

Chief Reporter, A popular Sports Channel
Our staffing needs can seem dramatic, literally! Avenues Consultancy Services has matched them all to the hilt!

CTO, A Global Software Consulting Brand

The uniqueness in Avenues Consultancy Services lies in their unmatched turnaround time and exceptionally good matches.

VP Sales, Green Energy Solutions Provider
“Avenues Consultancy Services is intuitive and their initial applicants are always filtered down, saving us a lot of time.”